7 Indoor Herb Garden Ideas That Are Totally Irresistible

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Growing an indoor herb garden is a splendid idea. There are many benefits to taking your hobby indoors during the cold months, or all year round.

For one, herbs purify the air. When you’re spending most of your time indoors because of the cold weather, breathing clean air is very important, and it can help to enhance the immune system.

Second, herbs add greenery to your surroundings, which creates a serene, stress-free environment. We could all use less stress in our lives, and this benefit alone is worth considering having in herb garden inside your home.

Thirdly, the biggest advantage to having an indoor herb garden is that you’ll have access to fresh herbs year-round. Growing and caring for herbs is easy to do, and doesn’t take a lot of time. If you’re a beginner, or if you don’t have the proverbial “green thumb”, there are great starter kits that make herb growing easy, like this one.

Most of us know that herbs not only enhance the flavors in our food, but they have numerous health benefits as well. Seriously, how can you go wrong with starting an indoor herbal project?!

Here are 7 ideas for growing an in indoor herb garden. Seven different styles that should suit your needs. Some of these ideas are so simple, but brilliant.

Totally irresistible…

One Pot

Indoor herb garden idea one pot

Here is possibly the simplest herb garden ever. Find yourself a big pot and an empty corner and put your green thumb to work. You can even let the kids get creative with your herb labels.

Bookshelf Garden

indoor herb garden idea book shelf

Most of us know that bookshelves are good for more than just books. One of our favorite uses for them is houseplant and herb storage. Find yourself a nice little bookcase for your potted herbs to grow and thrive.

Pegboard Herb Garden

Indoor herb garden idea peg board

The beauty of pegboard is its unlimited versatility. While the image above shows herbs in mugs, you could hang small pots or galvanized pails and your shears would always be nearby.

Rolling Herbs

Indoor herb garden ideas rolling herbs

Perhaps the best light in your home isn’t in your kitchen. Put your potted herbs on a bar cart and suddenly indoor gardening is easier than it’s ever been before.

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