Growing Ginseng And How To Profit From It

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Cultivating ginseng can be profitable. Here are some tips on growing and selling this valuable root.

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As the years pass and the public begins to reawaken from its slumber, the use of herbs are becoming much more accepted, particularly the medicinal ones. Ginseng is one of the most beneficial herbs that have been used by so many, with a long and wonderful history. And good profits can be made growing and cultivating ginseng.

How profitable?

This herb grows slowly initially, but once it’s grown a mature root can fetch a profit of about $600 a pound. Also, more profit can be made from it if the seeds and rootlets are sold. In fact, the seeds, rootlets and mature roots are the part of this herb that are sold to make money from it. They can be harvested three years after cultivation.

A lot of research that has been conducted for centuries have proven this herb has great medicinal powers. Ginseng can be used for different purposes: treatment of various illnesses, increasing vitality, reduction of cholesterol; it boosts the immune and nervous system and so on. The ginseng grown in America is valuable to the Asians because of its medicinal power and it’s said to be “yin,” which is a calming energy.

The ginseng herb has been used for thousands of years by the Native Americans, and then in the 1700’s, the early European settlers started exporting it to China. In 1776, the trade of ginseng between these two countries became more serious and it helped build the economy of America. George Washington made mention if it in his diaries— the harvest of ginseng in the state of Virginia.

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It is important to know that ginseng does not mature quickly and wouldn’t be an option if you want quick money. It’s no way a get-rich-quick scheme. However, if you are patient enough, all you need are a few years and then you can start harvesting and selling.

So, let’s do some calculations.

Planting ginseng on just a quarter-acre of land, at the end of the third year, you should be able to harvest about ten pounds of seeds and then in the fourth year you would have a harvest of 25 pounds of seeds. Running into the fifth and sixth year, you would be harvesting about 50 pounds of seeds from that size of land.

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