Best 16 Herbs That Can Prolong Your Life

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There are literally thousands of edible herbs available to us, that our creator has put here for our benefit and to prolong our life. Natures medicine is growing abundantly and all around us, above us and under our feet.

Herbs can remedy just about anything, from arthritis, to poor eyesight, to foggy mental focus and even cancer.

But there are specific herbs that can be put in the “life extension” category. These herbs can help the heart to function better, or to attain overall better health. Heart attacks are one of the most common killers in western nations. It is important to maintain a strong and healthy heart, through natures medicine and even through moderate exercise.

Just as important has heart health, is having a strong immune system. Again, certain herbs can also boost our immune system.

Even WebMD agrees that herbs and spices have fantastic health benefits. They do more than just add flavor to our food, they can also prevent us from having to see the “MD”.

Below is a list of 16 herbs that can prolong our life. Some of these are well-known for their amazing benefits, such as garlic and coriander, yet others might not be as familiar. All of them can be found online or in your local natural food store and some of them should find a home in your kitchen pantry.


Garlic has been used for decades to help control high blood pressure and to prevent heart disease. In addition, some people use it because of its bacteria-killing properties and suspected role as a way to prevent certain types of cancer.


This herb works to bring on lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate and open the arteries. It is reported that hawthorn takes several months before the benefits become apparent.


A cholesterol-specific herb that chemically reduces “bad cholesterol” even before it is able to reach the blood.

Horse chestnut

This age-old remedy, long popular in Europe, strengthens veins and capillaries, thus reducing swelling. Healthier veins are an all-around form of protection against a wide array of heart ailments.


This tasty little herb is known to strengthen the circulatory system in various ways, primarily by reducing high blood-sugar levels and controlling cholesterol.


Long beloved in the West for its use in a home-brewed wine, dandelion is an effective way to get blood pressure under control. The chemical mechanism by which this process works is intriguing: Dandelion actually reduces the amount of blood in the body, thus cutting down on overall blood pressure.

Angelica root is good for a weak heart
Angelica root can strengthen the circulatory system as well as the heart.

Angelica root

People who have weak hearts often take angelica root as a remedy. For centuries, this oddly named root has built a reputation as a general strengthener of the circulatory system and especially the heart itself.


Working much the same way as angelica root, coriander is another herb that works in numerous ways, and through several chemical processes, to energize and empower the human cardiovascular system.


This well known herb is often used to slow the rate of bleeding in accident victims. It also works by making blood vessels more elastic. As a result, cayenne is an effective agent for establishing normal blood pressure.


This herb has been around for centuries, though only today are scientists learning how it works. It contains a rare alkaloid by the name of leonurine, which directly relaxes the heart muscles when taken in therapeutic doses.


An effective herb for healing wounds and making the heart stronger. It also affects the entire circulatory system in beneficial ways.


Popular among the ancient inhabitants of China, this herb is a powerful agent that helps strengthen the immune system.

The elderberry herb can stop a contagious flu in its tracks.
Elderberry is a great flu preventative.


Contagious influenza is a serious global problem, especially in underdeveloped nations. Elderberry helps prevent the flu and is an effective way to prevent its spread within large populations.


An ancient remedy for infections of various kinds, kelp is one of the most commonly consumed herbs on earth, especially in Asia. The secret to its power is high iodine content.

Yucca Root

Arthritis sufferers have long known the relief provided by this root with the strange-sounding name.


Arthritis and hay fever, as well as anemia, are the primary maladies treated with nettle. – Melissa Burns

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