Ginseng And Its Healing Properties

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You’ve no doubt heard about the amazing healing properties of ginseng. So read on to learn more about this ancient healing root, the different types there are, and what it’s good for.

Ginseng has been shown to increase circulation and this has made it a well-known herbal cure for erectile dysfunction, curing of flu, prevention of cancer recurrence, and in the treatment of Type II Diabetes. But you have to understand that there are different types of ginseng with each offers different benefits. So how can you know the ginseng that will offer you the benefits that you are looking for?

Ginseng has 3 main categories: American, Asian (also known as Chinese or Korean) as well as Siberian. Technically, Siberian Ginseng is not actually ginseng due to the fact that it comes from another kind of plant, but the truth is that most people do not usually talk about this technical difference when they are talking about ginseng, but— I will also add the benefits of this Siberian Ginseng in this post.

The first one is the American Ginseng known as Panax Quinquefolius. One great benefit of the American Ginseng is that clinical research has shown that it reduces flu infections in the elderly. Amazingly, in Asian cultures, American Ginseng is more preferred because it is considered to be the purest one.

Asian Ginseng or Korean Ginseng, also known as Panax Ginseng, comes in two different varieties: the white and the red. Both of them come from one plant, the difference is that they are planted for different durations and are prepared in different ways. Red and White Ginseng have some things in common in their healing properties although sometimes to a different extend, according to the specific condition. For instance, both of them are credited with assisting in the prevention of cancer recurrence, but the effects were more noticed with Red Ginseng.

Both American and Korean Ginseng are procured from similar plants— this is why they have some properties that are similar. Traditional Chinese medicines are believed to have some unique characteristics because they are grown in different areas. Based on the Chinese tradition, the main difference is the fact that American Ginseng provides Yin energy while Asian Ginseng provides Yang energy, known as invigorating and hot energy.

Despite these dissimilarities, both of them can still be used in treating some conditions. They can both be used in treating Type II Diabetes, they both have positive effects on blood circulation and known to be an effective aphrodisiac, boosting sexual interest as well as sexual performance. Even though both the Asian and American Ginseng were effective, the Red Asian Ginseng is known to have more benefits.

Siberian Ginseng comes from a different plant and technically cannot be called “Ginseng” at all. But it has some of the same features and properties of the Asian Ginseng. It is popular for increasing endurance. Also, it can be used as an anti-inflammatory agent and an anti-oxidant.

Want to make a living growing and cultivating ginseng? It can be very lucrative; it can sell for $50 to $75 per pound if cultivated (or 10 times that if discovered in the wild). A one-half acre wooded property can earn a farmer as much as $45,000 per harvest.

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So, we’ve gone through the overview of the various kinds of ginseng and their healing properties. For any health issue or nutritional advice, we suggest you consult a physician you trust who knows your specific condition and needs for you to make safe and sound decisions about your health. – Angela Giles

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